Nepali Temple Ball

Strain/Brand: Nepali Temple Ball, Barney’s Lounge

Origin: High-altitude indica from the Himalayas, hand-rubbed resins

Impression: Oh yeah, black hash. Oily, solid construction. Has that spicy smell you get with great hash prepared the traditional way. Burns with a long hard ash that doesn’t want to break when mixed with L.A. Confidential (see previous).

Buzz: Nice, heavy, oily smoke. One big hit had an immediate impact. Life slows down, you become more centered, your brain thinks deep thoughts while your body relaxes into a state of bliss. Ready to chant the lotus sutra.

Price: 10 euro per gram

Summary: This is a classic black hash – you’re not a serious experienced smoker until you’ve had a hit of this stuff.


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5 Responses to “Nepali Temple Ball”

  1. Damhereicome Says:

    I don’t suppose you know anywhere in Dam that has it in stock do you? I’ll be there Tuesday & Wednesday and would love to know where I can get some quality.

  2. hoobner Says:

    I bought the one you see in the photo at Barney’s Lounge from Bob the Bud Guy, who was the best dealer by far. Barney’s has several locations including one very close to Amsterdam Central Station. I believe I also saw it on the menu at the Rokerij. Nepali Temple Ball is such a classic that’s it’s always in demand from lovers of the black.

    You might also try the Golden Soles from Morocco, which I bought at the Grey Area – this is a different approach to hashish. It’s the very best quality pressed polm – a lighter smoke but with just as intense effect. Golden brown, with a definite crystalline structure – sunlight glinting off the edges means you know it’s a great smoke. Take a small magnifying glass with you – it’s great fun to examine your smoke before you light it up.

    Good luck and good smoking!

  3. Damhereicome Says:

    Cheers Fella. Top tips I’ll most certainly be trying out.

  4. Damhereicome Says:

    As it turns out, I found it in at least 3 places and yes Barneys was one. I’m also please to say nobody charged more than 11E either. Very nice smoke but not quite as strong as I was expecting. Still beat Soap/Rocky by a long, long way though.
    Sadly I didn’t try Golden Souls as I didn’t make it to the Grey Area and didn’t see it on sale anywhere else. 2 days is never enough to try everything so I guess I’ll be keeping that one back for next time.

  5. Simon Says:

    the best hash out there is king hassan II imho

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